Welcome from the Head and Chair

Guy Hebert, Head and Chair of the Department of Emergency Medicine
Dr Guy Hebert, Head and Chair of the Department of Emergency Medicine

On behalf of the Department of Emergency Medicine at the University of Ottawa, I would like to welcome you. We are a dedicated and dynamic group of over 130 faculty, who work in the Emergency Departments (ED) of two large tertiary care hospitals and one community hospital. The Ottawa Hospital has two adult tertiary care EDs with annual volumes of over 170,000 patients per year. The Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario is our regions’ pediatric hospital with annual volumes of over 75,000 patients per year. L’Hopital Montfort is one of our region’s community hospitals with over 60,000 patient visits a year and helps train undergrad and postgrad learners in a francophone environment. We have an impressive team of talented nurses, social workers, respiratory therapists, pharmacists, ECG technicians, DI technologies, patient care assistants, clerks and volunteers who work closely with our physician faculty and learners in the provision of excellent care to our patients and their families. All four of our EDs have been newly renovated in the last 10 years to accommodate our ever-expanding census and patient care needs.

With much credit to our past chair, Dr. Ian Stiell, we have grown to be one of the country’s largest and most prolific academic Emergency Medicine programs. Our strengths in EM education and research are second to none.

Our Programs

CCFP-EM Residency Program: We are very proud that we were one of the first CCFP-EM training programs in Canada (since 1979). It is a very dynamic and comprehensive 1- year program, affording a well-rounded experience to 5-6 residents each year.

RCPSC-EM Residency Program: Our RCPSC 5-year residency program is highly sought and we have over 50 residents in the PGY1-5 years. Our residents are offered a broad elective and fellowship experience to tailor their training and to cultivate academic interests.

Undergraduate EM Clerkship: This robust clerkship program consistently rates highest by medical students at the University of Ottawa, and we believe that it is the best clerkship experience at the faculty.

Fellowships: We offer training programs in several subspecialties including Point of Care Ultrasound, Research, EMS and Disaster, Pediatric Emergency Medicine and Simulation.

Medical Education Scholarship: Success of our educational programs is attributed to great people and an ever-expanding group of Education Scholars and Med-Ed experts.

Research Program: Our methodologists are at the forefront of EM research in Canada and internationally. Strengths include the derivation of clinical decision rules and practice guidelines in such fields as cardiovascular, stroke and diagnostic imaging.

Our goal and philosophy

To excel in giving the highest quality teaching to our learners, affording them an exceptional education, and training them to be outstanding clinicians, academics and leaders of tomorrow in Emergency Medicine. Through impactful research, we strive to improve the quality and safety of emergency care for our patients locally and world-wide, the type of care we would want for our loved ones.

We are extremely proud of our group of clinicians, researchers, and educators who continually strive to achieve new heights in academic Emergency Medicine. This website will help you learn more about who we are and what we do.

Welcome once again to our Department!

Guy Hebert, MD, FRCPC
Head, Emergency Department – The Ottawa Hospital
Chair, Department of Emergency Medicine – University of Ottawa
Associate Professor – Faculty of Medicine, University of Ottawa
Chair, The Ottawa Hospital Academic Medicine Organization