The Department of Emergency Medicine introduced its Emergency Medicine clerkship program in 2003.  It has been the highest ranked clerkship rotation by the students every year since then.  This 4 week clerkship rotation is an incredible learning experience. It is a fun, practical and stimulating rotation.  The different types of learning opportunities help you enrich your knowledge, hone your clinical skills, and develop a caring, compassionate, and empathetic attitude in dealing with your patients and their families.

Program components  »

  • supervised clinical teaching shifts
  • didactic and student-based tutorials (PALS)
  • case based learning 
  • simulation
  • bedside ultrasound
  • hands on procedure skill labs
  • nursing triage experience
  • rideouts with paramedics
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support simulation training

Clinical Shift  »

You will be assigned to do clinical shifts in the Emergency Department. This is an excellent learning opportunity and forms the core learning experience in the rotation. Our Emergency Departments are amongst the busiest in Canada, allowing you excellent opportunities to gain experience in emergency medicine. You will work one-on-one with experienced staff Emergency Physicians who will help you develop your history-taking ability, physical skill assessment, and diagnostic and management skills. Observe. Learn. Ask questions. The experience you gain from this rotation will be directly proportional to your efforts.

We look forward to working with you and anticipate that your rotation will be a rewarding experience, both personally and professionally.

Student Comments  »

  • Fantastic rotation! Well organized and extremely conducive to learning. Thanks for an incredible experience!

  • The one-on-one interaction with preceptors was outstanding. I would say that this was the most useful, most fun clerkship rotation so far

  • Seminar series were excellent, supervised clinical were great too. I learned the most during these sessions

  • Ability to see as many patients as is feasible on each shift. Most of the learning in this rotation came through volumes of patient exposure

  • Supervised clinical teaching shifts and EMS ride along were standouts

  • The ability to see patients on my own, develop a diagnosis and management plan, and to be challenged on my thoughts by the staff

  • Preceptors allowed for independent history and physical, and requested some thoughts surrounding a DDx and management plans. Allowed more independence vs. other rotation

  • This block was well organized with respect to lectures, scheduled shifts, clinical teaching shifts, labs etc.

  • Important/relevant topics were taught to us by excellent teachers

  • Most rotations do not have mandatory organized bedside teaching. I found these sessions to be the most valuable learning experience of clerkship