Residency Education

Residency Education

The Department of Emergency Medicine, University of Ottawa is proud to offer 2 successful postgraduate residency programs.

CCFP-EM Residency Program  »

  • This is one of the oldest EM residency programs in Canada, having started in 1978

  • This very successful residency has a minimum of 4 slots annually with many years seeing up to 7 residents from provincial re-entry programs and the Canadian military

  • Effective February 1, 2010, Dr Avik Nath assumed directorship, and his youthful enthusiasm is very much appreciated by his residents

  • Residents are considered to be on an equal footing with their Royal College colleagues and enjoy a number of clinical and formal teaching opportunities as described below

  • All residents present at journal club, grand rounds, and must complete a scholarly project at the annual research day

  • The program received an excellent evaluation during the 2010 Accreditation by the College of Family Physicians of Canada

Royal College Residency Program  »

  • This 5-year program has expanded from ½ position per year in 2002 to 10 spots per year (7 for Canadian graduates and 2 for international medical graduates), making it the second largest in Canada

  • 100% of Canadian graduates and 93% (14/15) of foreign medical graduates have passed the Royal College exams

  • Dr Stephen Choi is Program Director and Dr Lisa Thurgur is Associate Program Director; both are very highly regarded by their residents

  • Our residents enjoy the many educational opportunities provided by DEM, as described below:

  • Residents must complete and present a research project by the end of 3rd year, submit an abstract to CAEP or other meeting, and submit a manuscript by the end of 5th year

  • Residents are encouraged to undertake a fellowship during 4th year and some also do a 6th year fellowship

  • The program received an excellent evaluation during the 2010 Accreditation by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada